Relaxation and De-Stressing

Many physical and psychological conditions are brought on, maintained and exacerbated by stress.

An important part of counselling is learning practical and effective techniques to reduce your subjective sense of stress. These include:

  • mindfulness
  • disputing your false beliefs about your self and others
  • becoming more aware and accepting of your emotions and sensations
  • regular physical exercise, especially disciplines like yoga, tai chi and chi gong

Useful web sites that can help with relaxation include:

and the body scans of Jon Kabat Zinn, which are freely available on You Tube.

If you struggle to impliment a daily or weekly relaxation regime, contact

0449 871 548 (Immanuel) 
0450 370 496 (Vivien)

so that we can develop an implimentable  relaxation / wellness  plan together, and support you to maintain it.